Rattlesnake Canyon and Balky Horse Canyon – June 1st

GET JeepN took on Rattlesnake Canyon and Balky Horse Canyon for our latest Club run. Both canyons offered spectacular scenery and breath taking views.  Our group of 21 Jeeps stuck together for most of the trip, but we did split up for a couple of short runs.  One group went up to Tip Top Mountain and witnessed fantastic views of the high desert.  The other group took a more challenging drive over black diamond trail 2N01, that was a thrill. After regrouping we took 2N01 to Balky Horse Canyon (2N04) and finished our adventure around 4 o’clock.

We had great weather, especially if you like it hot.  One of our members got stuck on a rock, but a quick yank with a strap fixed that delay.  It was a great all around day on the trail for everyone.

On Sunday we had 22 of our members volunteer to do some trail maintenance on our adopted trail 3N08.  Digging and moving rocks and logs is hard work especially at 7500 feet in altitude.  The hard work is worthwhile because without it, the trails in the Big Bear area could become unsafe to drive on.  The U.S. Forest Service may choose to close them once it is determined that they are unsafe.  Once a trail is closed the chance of it reopening is slim.  We need to do all we can to prevent that from happening.  Thanks to all of you who helped on the trail, it does make a difference. Hope to see you at our next club event.

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