Johnson Valley – February 16th

Hey Jeepers:

We had a great run last weekend in Johnson Valley!

Our GETJEEPN 2013 Jeep Wrangler with a 3” Mopar lift kit, off road bumpers and the 3.6 ran flawlessly and proved to have way more power than the old 4.0 in my ‘99 wrangler.

My daughter, Codie and I left our house at 5am Saturday morning to meet some of the GETJEEPN crew at Carrows in 29 palms. After breakfast Critter, Robert, AL, Felix, Richard, Codie and I worked our way over to the meeting point in Johnson Valley.

We got everyone together and then Critter called a drivers meeting. He briefly explained where we would be going, the types of terrain we would be seeing and recommend we air down to 15 lbs. We headed out with our first stop being “Chocolate Thunder.” This is an extreme obstacle used in the Hammers Race. Not one of the GETJEEPN Club members attempted it…but it sure was interesting to look at.

Our next stop was a little rock garden that a few members attempted successfully while the rest of us observed. After the rock garden we headed over to a sand dune for some play and then up to a little bluff for lunch. Getting the jeep club members all together for a picture is like herding cats, but we finally got a couple.  We had some great weather and awesome views with our lunch. I personally would like to say that I really enjoyed having lunch in a remote location, on a warm day with breath taking views.

After lunch we headed down a little sand trail (driving hint: when going down sand, a light throttle and easy brake make it easier to keep your jeep pointed in the correct direction) then across some open desert. I want to thank KOPF JGR for providing an opportunity for us to practice some recovery techniques and a short winching lesson. After we recovered KOPF JGR we headed over to “back door” follow by a small hill climb before heading back to the staging area.

We got back to the staging area around 4, aired up and recapped the day. Codie and I made it home around 7, stopped for ice cream. We had a great time and are looking forward to the next run. We appreciate the friendly and helpful comradeship of Jeep owners.

See you on the Trail


Johnson Valley – Feb. 16, 2013

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