Big Bear — October 5-6, 2013

GET JeepN had a great club event in Big Bear despite the Federal Government closing our campsite at the last minute. Those of us that did camp were good sports about the inconvenience. We had to camp alongside a dirt road, talk about roughing it.  The nights were very cold (mid 20’s) but the days were beautiful and perfect for off roading.

On Saturday we had 31 jeeps that were split up into two groups; each group went on a different trail, one a little more difficult than the other. Everyone had a good time, although there were a few that had their driving abilities challenged. The only Grand Cherokee in the group had a power steering hose start to leak while on the trail, but we managed to repair it and he finished the run with the rest of us. After both groups got back to our make shift camp we cooked dinner and had an entertaining evening.

After another cold night a pancake breakfast was served Sunday morning. There were 10 die hard Jeeps left for a Sunday run. We all went down Pipes Canyon Road, which is considered a moderate trail. It was a great run until the tail shaft in the transfer case broke in my Jeep. We removed the rear driveshaft and finished the run in front wheel drive. It sure is nice having mechanics in the group.

I would like to thank everyone who attended for their patience and willingness to adapt to less than perfect conditions due the Government shutdown. Because of all of you it turned out to be an enjoyable event.

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