Big Bear October 1

We had a great turnout in Big Bear for our two trail rides. One group went up Polique Canyon and down Jacoby Canyon. It was an easy ride and there were no casualties along the way. The other group went up Gold Mountain and down Jacoby Canyon. That group wasn’t as lucky. We suffered a flat tire, broken transfer case linkage and a broken motor mount. We even had to break out a winch to get a Wrangler out of a sticky situation. Even with all the problems and delays we finished the entire run and had fun! For those of you who took pictures please upload them onto the website so we can all enjoy them.

We are planning a 3 day trip for our next adventure. It will be out near Lake Havasu on February 24-26. I will send out an email with lodging and camping information and an itinerary of activities within the next week.

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