Get Jeepn Club Rules:

Trail Policy

The following Trail Policy is adopted by the members of the GetJeepn 4x4 Club for the protection of the members, the environment, our vehicles and the safety of all. The Club intends to travel a diverse selection of trails, therefore the difficulty of the terrain traveled cannot be determined in advance. The possibility of damage to your vehicle exists when traveling rough terrain. The following Policy is intended to better prepare the members for this activity.

Required Equipment

  1. Vehicles must be equipped with a fully operational four (4) wheel drive system.
  2. Vehicles must be licensed for travel on public highways, carry a current registration and maintain the minimum state requirements for vehicle insurance.
  3. Vehicles must have a valid safety inspection sticker as required by the state in which it is licensed.
  4. Vehicles must be in good condition, with good tires and brakes.
  5. Front and rear tow hooks (or suitable alternative) are required and must be properly mounted.
  6. An operational spare tire must be in good condition, along with a jack capable of lifting the vehicle off the ground.
  7. Vehicle must have roll protection.
  8. Seat belts.

Code Of Behavior

  1. The Trail Boss (or appointed alternate) is in complete control of the activities or actions of the participants.
  2. The Club has adopted the rules of "TREAD LIGHTLY" and shall obey them at all times.
  3. T. ravel only where motorized vehicles are permitted. Never blaze your own trail.
    R. espect the rights of hikers, skiers, campers, and others to enjoy their activities undisturbed.
    E. ducate yourself by obtaining travel maps and regulations from public agencies, complying with signs and barriers and asking owners' permission to cross private property.
    A. void streams, lakeshores, meadows, muddy roads and trails, steep hillsides, wildlife and livestock.
    D. rive responsible to protect the environment and preserve opportunities to enjoy your vehicle on wild lands.

  4. The consumption of alcohol is prohibited.
  5. Use of foul or abusive language is prohibited.
  6. Do not litter and confine cigarette butts to ash tray.
  7. Please return or replace borrowed/expended items.
  8. Extra consideration must be extended to those following you (i.e. cleaning of tires, peeling out).
  9. Always keep the vehicle behind you in sight.
  10. Use of firearms is prohibited.

Items Recommended (But Not Required)

  1. CB Radio
  2. Winch, snatch block & shackles
  3. Gloves
  4. A basic tool kit should be maintained to implement field repairs, with tools and spare parts as needed (i.e. belts, bolts, hoses, etc.)
  5. Flashlight
  6. Ice chest & water
  7. Clothing appropriate for terrain and weather
  8. Insect repellent
  9. Map and compass
  10. First Aid Kit
  11. A fire extinguisher that accessible in an emergency